What Color Candles to Use for Cord Cutting

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In exploring the art of cord cutting, we delve into a spiritual ritual aimed at releasing the energies that bind us to past experiences, people, or negative patterns that hinder our growth. It is a deliberate process seeking emancipation from these cords that drain our energy and dim our light.

Among the most potent tools in this spiritual endeavor are candles – not just any candles, but those of specific colors, each chosen for its unique vibration and ability to aid in the cord-cutting process.

This guide takes you through the significance of various candle colors in cord cutting, helping you to choose the right ones for your ritual.

What Is Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting transcends the mere act of wanting to move past old memories. It is a purposeful ceremony meant to support the invisible energy bonds that unite us with other beings, be they people, places, or past versions of ourselves that we need to outgrow.

This practice acknowledges that such connections, though not physically visible, can significantly impact our emotional, spiritual, and sometimes, physical well-being. Through cord-cutting, we assert our need and right to release these ties, inviting renewal and transformation into our lives.

Candle Colors and Their Significance

Each color emits a specific frequency and holds particular energies. When selected with intention, candles of different colors can significantly amplify the efficacy of a cord-cutting ritual. Below, we explore the unique attributes of each color.

White Candles

What Color Candles to Use for Cord Cutting

The purity and all-encompassing vibrancy of white candles make them a staple in many spiritual practices, including cord cutting. White light offers protection, peace, and purity. It symbolizes clarity, truth, and spiritual strength, aiding practitioners in maintaining focus and intention, illuminating the path to liberation from past entanglements.

Black Candles

Regarded as the quintessence of protection and release, black candles are the powerhouse in any cord-cutting ritual. They symbolize the void, the fertile ground from which new beginnings can sprout after the old has been conclusively banished. Utilizing a black candle helps in absorbing and neutralizing the negativity that binds you to unwanted energies.

Red Candles

What Color Candles to Use for Cord Cutting

Energetically bold and intense, red candles bring the element of fire, passion, and strength to your ritual. They can energize your intention, giving you the courage to cut through the cords that hold you back. Red also symbolizes the root chakra, grounding you in your power as you undertake this transformative process.

Green Candles

Green is the color of renewal, healing, and growth. In the context of cord cutting, green candles help to fill the void left by the severed ties with vibrant, nurturing energy. They usher in abundance and prosperity, facilitating a reconnection to the Earth and helping to ground you in your new path free of past attachments.

Blue Candles

What Color Candles to Use for Cord Cutting

Blue candles are your healing allies in the cord-cutting ritual. They resonate with the tranquility of water, promoting emotional healing, peace, and clarity. Through their calming influence, blue candles help soothe the pain that comes from letting go, while also opening the channels for clear communication with your inner self.

Gold Candles

Synonymous with success, abundance, and power, gold candles bring a sense of divinity and majesty to your ritual. They symbolize the highest form of spiritual achievement one can attain by letting go of the old to invite in untold blessings and new beginnings.

Purple Candles

What Color Candles to Use for Cord Cutting

Purple candles are deeply connected to spirituality and intuition. They serve to elevate your consciousness, opening you to divine guidance as you sever the cords. Purple helps in accessing higher wisdom, ensuring that the cords are not just cut but that the lessons they bear are integrated and understood.

How to Perform a Cord Cutting Ritual Using a Candle

What Color Candles to Use for Cord Cutting

Performing a cord-cutting ritual involves a few steps including setting an intention, lighting the candle, visualization, and reflection. The actual process may vary from person to person, as it’s mostly about finding a technique that feels right for you. The following procedure offers a good place to start:

  • Setting Your Intention: This involves stating clearly why you want to cut the cord and what you hope to gain.
  • Lighting The Candle: After setting your intention, light your chosen color candle.
    Visualization: Close your eyes and visualize the cord being cut while focusing on the burning flame.
  • Reflection and Cleansing: After the visualization, take some time to reflect and cleanse your space, ensuring no residual energy remains.

That said, a cord-cutting ritual can be an emotional journey. Thus, part of the process is being patient with yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s best to use new candles for each ritual to avoid any residual energies.

Duration depends on the ritual and intention. Ideally, let them burn completely but remember to prioritize safety.

No, but aligning the ritual with the waning moon can enhance its effectiveness.

It’s a personal preference. Do what feels most empowering for you.

Rest and engage in self-care activities. If feelings persist, consider seeking professional support.


The practice of cord cutting is a profound journey back to oneself, a reclaiming of energy, power, and peace. The candles you choose, with their respective colors and the energies they hold, become light-bringers on this journey of release and renewal.

As you light each candle, visualize the cords dissolving, and imagine yourself stepping into a new dawn, unburdened and free. Crafting your ritual with intention and understanding, you align with the transformative power of letting go, ready to embrace the vibrant tapestry of your life’s next chapter.

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