How to Style Nesting Coffee Tables

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Nesting coffee tables, with their versatile design and functionality, are a chic and smart addition to any living space. Not only do they save space and offer extra surface area when needed, but they also present a unique opportunity to enhance your room’s aesthetic appeal.

Styling them, however, requires a careful blend of form and function. Here’s a step-by-step guide to beautifully style your nesting coffee tables, making them both a practical and stylish centerpiece of your room.

What Are Nesting Coffee Tables?

Nesting coffee tables usually come in sets of two or more, each table smaller than the other, designed to slide beneath the larger tables when not in use. Sleek, stylish, and built for modern living, these tables form an integral part of contemporary home decor, merging elegance with functional flexibility.

Understand Your Space

The first step in styling your nesting coffee tables is to understand the space they will inhabit. Understanding the dynamics of your space forms the first step towards styling your tables effectively. The dimensions of the room, the surrounding furniture, the color scheme, and the natural flow of movement through the room should all factor into your styling decisions.

It’s important to envision how your nesting tables will work in synergy with the existing elements of the room. A well-conceived layout is key to any well-styled space.

Select Your Tables Wisely

Your nesting tables should ideally reflect the overall aesthetic of your room – a careful blend of its color scheme, the shapes and materials of the existing decor, and so on. Your selection could either harmonize with your decor or add a contrasting element enriching the overall aesthetic.

It could be shape (round, square, or rectangular), material (wood, metal, or glass), or finish (matte, glossy, or textured) that you focus on to bring in a fresh twist.

Style Nesting Coffee Tables

How to Style Nesting Coffee Tables

Add Some Greens and Florals

Never underestimate the impact of nature on your living space. Whether it’s the bright pop of leafy green plants or the subtle beauty of flowers, introducing natural elements into your table styling can instantly energize your room. A glass vase with a few fresh blooms or a repurposed jar showcasing a succulent plant can complement the aesthetics of your nesting coffee tables beautifully.

Display Some Mementos

Whether your cherished memento is a souvenir from a special holiday, a family heirloom, or an interesting object you picked up from a flea market, displaying such items gives a personal touch to your nesting tables. Try arranging them in odd numbers for better visual impact. This personalization adds a story to your decor, making it unique and reflective of your journey.

Maintain a Neutral Scheme

By maintaining a neutral color scheme, your nesting coffee tables can seamlessly blend with any decor changes you might want to make over time. Beiges, whites, grays, and blacks are timeless hues that provide a sophisticated canvas for your decor, allowing you to play with accents and colorful decorative pieces.

Splash Some Colours

While a neutral base enhances the enduring appeal, don’t shy away from introducing vivid colors. Be it through vivid coffee table books, vibrant coasters, colorful bowls, or bright trinkets, the right amount of color can breathe new life into your space.

Incorporate Some Storage

Nesting tables can double up as clever storage solutions. You can use a basket under the smaller table to hold magazines, remotes, or even a throw blanket. This way, your living area stays well-organized, and all your essentials are within easy reach.

Showcase a Medley of Textures

Interplaying different textures is a tried and true strategy to bring depth to your decor. Consider using a variety of materials like rough wood, smooth glass, cool metal, or patterned ceramics to engage the tactile senses and make your arrangement more visually interesting.

Book Stacks are Your Friend

Well-curated stacks of books can be a functional and aesthetic addition. Choose books for their visual appeal as well as their content. The spines of such books can create a colorful and exciting narrative on your tables.

Incorporating Decorative Elements

Adding well-placed decorative elements like artsy figurines, ornate candle stands, or elegant picture frames can bolster the visual appeal of your nesting tables. Find pieces that reflect your personal style but remember to take proportions and scale into account for a harmonious look.

Balancing Proportions

One of the challenges with styling nesting tables is achieving balance. Larger items are more suitable for the bigger tables, while small accents should be destined for the smaller ones. With proportion in mind, experiment with the heights of the items you display until you find a visually pleasing configuration.

Maximizing Functionality

Nesting tables aren’t just there to look pretty, they have a purpose too. Consider how these tables will be used. Do you need space for guests’ drinks, your current read, or a spot to place the TV remote? Striking a balance between the tables’ utility and aesthetics will ensure they’re not just pleasing to the eyes but serve a practical purpose too.

Benefits of Nesting Coffee Tables

Nesting coffee tables are much more than a stylish addition to your decor. Their compact design is perfect for smaller spaces as the tables can be expanded when needed and tucked away when not. They offer flexibility while hosting guests, can double up as additional seating, or provide extra surface area for those weekend board games.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Every piece of furniture needs a bit of TLC. Regularly dust your tables to prevent buildup. Make use of coasters, trays, or placemats to keep away unsightly water rings and scratches. If your tables have a glass or mirrored surface, clean them with an appropriate cleaner to maintain their shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Styling techniques include maintaining a neutral color scheme, introducing a variety of textures, using plants and flowers for a fresh look, displaying personal mementos, and balancing proportions between the nesting tables.

Yes, nesting tables can double as smart storage. You can keep items like books, magazines, or small storage boxes in the space under the table, ensuring your living area remains tidy.

Absolutely, nesting tables are a perfect solution for small spaces because of their adaptable design. You can use them as separate tables when needed and nest them together to save space when they’re not in use.

Regular dusting and occasional polishing are essential. If your tables have glass components, use an appropriate glass cleaner. To prevent rings and scratches, always use coasters or placemats.


Mastering the art of styling nesting coffee tables requires patience, creativity, and a dollop of your personal touch. These versatile pieces of furniture can transform your space both aesthetically and functionally. Thus, unleash your creativity, relish the process, and design a chic, useful area that captures your sense of style and way of life.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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