How to Organize Toddler Shoes

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Toddlers grow swiftly and so does their shoe collection. As they toddle, walk, and run, they’ll require shoes of different kinds, and before you know it, there are shoes strewn all around your house. Organizing something as small and frequently worn as shoes can be tricky.

Still, it’s an important task that ensures your home remains tidy while also helping to keep your daily routine smooth. Here are a few innovative and functional tips on how to organize toddler shoes.

Importance of organizing toddler shoes

Properly organizing toddler shoes serves several important purposes. Firstly, it helps to keep the home tidy and free from clutter, creating a safer environment for both children and adults. Additionally, Parents and other caregivers may find the perfect pair of shoes more quickly when they are organized, which saves time on hectic mornings and outings.

Moreover, teaching children the importance of organization instills valuable life skills and habits from a young age.

1. Use Clear Plastic Bins or Baskets

One of the simplest ways to organize toddler shoes is by using transparent plastic bins or baskets. They are cost-effective and widely available. You can store pairs together and easily see them through the plastic, making it quick to grab the pair your toddler wants to wear that day.

2. Wall Mounted Hooks or Racks

Wall-mounted hooks or racks provide the perfect solution if floor space is limited. By mounting a rack or hooks at a level that is accessible to your child, you can hang their shoes up and provide them with the independence of choosing their footwear. This can also be a fun and educational activity to categorize by color or occasion.

3. Over the Door Organizer

Traditionally made to hold items like toiletries and accessories, an over-the-door organizer can also be used to sort out toddler shoes. The multiple pockets offer ample space for different shoes, and you can even designate sections for everyday shoes, formal pairs, or based on seasons.

4. Shoe Cabinet or Rack

A shoe cabinet or rack might be a more fitting solution for families with more floor space to spare. Usually coming with numerous compartments, such pieces of furniture accommodates a larger collection and safeguard shoes from dust and damage.

5. DIY Shoe Storage

If you’re into DIY, creating your own shoe storage solution can be a fun project, and also a way to repurpose materials. You could turn old crates or wooden boxes into a unique shoe rack, or make use of a pegboard, which allows you to change the configuration as your toddler’s shoe collection grows.

6. Labeling

Make the shoe hunting process even easier by labeling your chosen storage option. You can label by type of shoe, by color or even by the day of the week.

7. Shelf or Cubby System

Use a cubby system or a low shelf in your toddler’s room for shoe storage. Keeping it at their eye level means they can help pick out and put away their shoes, fostering independence.

8. Picture Labels

Tip: For non-readers, picture labels are everything. Take a picture of the shoes and affix it to the front of the cubby or storage box. It will be a fun matching game for your toddler and a lifesaver for you during busy mornings.

Tips to Get Your Toddler Involved

  • Lead by example: Let your toddler see you putting your shoes where they belong.
  • Make it fun: Turn cleanup into a game and celebrate when shoes are put away correctly.
  • Stay consistent: Make sure shoes are put back in the correct place every time.

Organizing toddler shoes doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember, maintaining an organized space for your toddler’s shoes isn’t just a space saver — it also teaches them essential organization skills early on.

You just need to be a bit creative and consistent to keep your toddler’s shoe collection organized.


For shoes that your child rarely wears or are out of season, consider using clear, labeled storage boxes that you can stack in a closet. This keeps them dust-free and you’ll easily see what’s inside without opening the box.

Always store shoes in pairs. Encourage this habit in your toddler as well. For smaller shoes, consider using a dedicated basket or bin for each type of shoe to keep pairs together.

Over-the-door organizers are perfect for limited spaces. Alternatively, use vertical space by installing floating shelves or hooks low enough for your toddler to reach.

Absolutely! When shoes are organized and easy to find, they reduce morning stress and help both you and your toddler start the day on a positive note.

Yes, involving your toddler in organizing their shoes can teach them responsibility and the importance of keeping their belongings tidy. Make the process fun and rewarding for them to encourage participation.


Organizing your toddler’s shoes doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. By implementing these simple strategies, you can design a system that benefits your family, keeps the clutter at bay, and even adds a touch of fun to the daily routine.

Remember, the goal is not only to organize but also to teach your little ones the value of keeping their belongings in order. As they grow, they’ll take these lessons with them, fostering independence and responsibility.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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