How to Hide Plastic Storage Bins

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Organizing and storing things in your home or office is easy and useful with plastic storage bins. But they might not always be the most aesthetically pleasing thing in your room. There are several options you can think about if you want to hide plastic storage bins and keep your space clean and neat.

This article will talk about various clever and useful ways to hide plastic storage bins, helping you keep your space neat and appealing to the eye. We have what you need, whether you want to hide them or make them look like they belong with your existing decor.

Let’s get started and learn how to conceal plastic storage bins so that your room looks better overall and fits your unique style.

What is a Plastic storage bin?

Plastic storage bins are versatile, durable containers made of plastic that are designed to hold and organize a variety of items. They come in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors and are often used to manage clutter and enhance space efficiency in homes, offices, warehouses, and other settings.

These bins typically have a rectangular shape and are equipped with lids to secure the contents, making them excellent for protecting items from dust, damage, and loss. Some plastic storage bins are transparent, so you can easily identify their contents, while others are opaque for more discreet storage.

Why Hide Plastic Storage Bins

The desire for a neat and organized living space is universal. Hiding plastic storage bins allows you to achieve this while ensuring easy access to your belongings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hide Plastic Storage Bins

How to Hide Plastic Storage Bins

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

Effective organization begins with understanding your storage needs. Start by categorizing the items you own. You may realize that some items you’ve been stashing in bins, like seasonal clothes or rarely-used home appliances, could be stored more appropriately elsewhere. Don’t feel the need to entrust all of your household organization to plastic bins; other solutions might be better suited to meet these needs.

This process will not only help you declutter but also enable you to streamline your possessions and identify the exact number and sizes of bins you need, preventing you from using oversized bins that take up unnecessary space.

Choose the Right Storage Solutions

After you’ve identified your storage needs, select bins that can fulfill those needs while fitting nicely into your decor. Opt for bins in colors that blend with your color scheme or in neutral colors like white, grey, and black that can easily be camouflaged. You may also consider bins with aesthetically pleasing designs. They can be made of materials like wicker or cloth, and this can be used to keep things like toys, laundry, or magazines without looking out of place.

Utilize Furniture and Decor to Conceal Bins

Combine functionality and style by hiding your bins behind furniture and decorations. Consider placing bins under tables, behind couches, or inside sizable ornamental pots. In bedrooms or offices, you could sneak a slim bin behind an open door. You might also think about using benches, ottomans, or trunks with in-built storage, which can house bins while serving their own aesthetic and functional purpose.

Use Curtains or Room Dividers

Another creative solution for hiding your bins is to use room dividers or curtains. You could hang a curtain in front of the shelving that houses your bins or use an attractive fabric room divider to hide bins stowed away in corners. Choosing curtains or dividers that match your room’s decor can make this solution blend seamlessly into your space.

Create DIY Storage Solutions

Invoke your ingenuity to create DIY storage that accommodates and hides your bins. Construct a custom shelving unit with a curtain front for your living room, build a bench with a hinged seat for your entryway, or install cubbies in your closet. Tailored to fit your bins, these DIY storage solutions can store your bins out of sight while giving your home a unique look.

Organize and Label Bins for Easy Access

It’s important to maintain a systematic arrangement of your items, even within the concealed bins. You can get what you need without messing up the order of your setup if you sort and name the things that are in each bin. Using labels and ensuring that every item has a dedicated place can minimize the amount of time spent searching for items, making your life much easier.

Incorporate Storage into Existing Furniture

Multipurpose furniture offers excellent opportunities for hidden storage. Adding slide-out drawers underneath your bed or sofa, creating shelving inside a coffee table, or adapting a chest of drawers to house your bins can create impressive amounts of additional storage room. It allows you to keep bins tucked away, maintaining a neat and uncluttered appearance in your room.

Maximize Vertical Space

Vertical space is often overlooked as a storage solution. Consider stacking bins vertically in closets, placing floating shelves above doors or windows, or using the tops of cabinets. Baskets or boxes can also be hung from ceilings or walls for additional storage. This tactic frees up floor space.

Use Hidden Storage Compartments

Furniture with hidden compartments can be a game-changer for those trying to hide plastic bins. Coffee tables with secret storage, platform beds with drawers, or secret compartments in wall shelves can all seamlessly store and hide your bins. While these pieces may be more of an investment, they add sophistication and intrigue to your space.

Camouflage Bins with Paint or Wallpaper

If you can’t fully hide your bins, camouflage them. Painting your bins to match your wall color or covering them with wallpaper similar to your room’s design can make them less noticeable for bins in the open; select designs that match your decor or paint them to mimic the look of a piece of furniture.

Each of these steps, executed thoughtfully and with consideration of your personal style and space, can help you effectively hide your plastic storage bins and add an organized charm to your decor.

How to Hide Plastic Storage Bins


Hiding plastic storage bins effectively is key to keeping an organized, clutter-free, and visually appealing space. By carefully evaluating your storage needs, selecting the right bins, and creatively incorporating them into your existing décor, you can enjoy a seamless and functional storage solution.

If you choose to use furniture, curtains, DIY solutions, or camouflaged bins to blend with your space, your living environment will benefit from both aesthetic improvements and increased organization. Remember that even when bins are concealed from view, organizing and labeling their contents will make your life easier.

With a bit of creativity and planning, your plastic storage bins can become an integral and discreet part of your home’s organization and charm.

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