How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

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One easy and creative approach to give your bathroom space personality and character is to decorate the counter. There are several methods to make a counter look lovely and well-organized, regardless of size.

We’ll look at many ideas and suggestions in this blog post to assist you in decorating your bathroom counter in a way that expresses your individual style and improves the appearance of your bathroom as a whole.

We’ll cover all the essentials for creating a gorgeous and useful bathroom counter, from selecting the ideal accessories to efficiently arranging your stuff. Now, let’s get started!

Declutter and Organize

Before starting any decoration process, begin by decluttering your bathroom counter. Keep only the essentials, and remove all unnecessary items to make your work easier. Always remember – less is more. The fewer items you have on the counter, the more spacious it looks.


How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

Flowers hold the power to liven up any corners of our home, and your bathroom counter is no different. Given the right care, certain flowers can thrive and add incorporate some fresh air, literally, to a usually closed environment. Adding fresh flowers to your bathroom counter can instantly freshen up the space.

They not only add colour but also exude a pleasant aroma that enhances the freshness of your bathroom. Consider the humidity, warmth, and dimmed lighting of bathrooms when choosing your flowers. Orchids and peace lilies, for example, thrive in these conditions, being both elegant and low maintenance.

A single stem in a slender vase can achieve a minimalist look, while a bouquet in a mason jar gives off a rustic charm. Don’t be afraid to change it up to fit seasons and holidays. Bright sunflowers radiate summer, red amaryllis celebrates Christmas, and cherry blossoms signal spring. Consider the color scheme in your bathroom, too, ensuring that the blooms don’t clash with the interiors.

Trays and Baskets

One great technique to keep your counter neat and clutter-free is to use trays and baskets. They can house all manners of things, from cosmetics to towels, while ensuring the counter remains clutter-free. Opt for materials like bamboo, wicker, or rattan for an earthy, organic feel or a polished marble tray for a touch of elegance.

You’ll be amazed how trays or baskets can streamline your morning routine, presenting essentials within reach but still looking pleasing to the eye.


How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

Decoratively folded or rolled hand towels can add a spa-like feel to your bathroom counter. You can opt for fluffy, oversized ones for a luxurious feel or thin Turkish towels for a minimalist, utilitarian vibe. Monotone towels radiate a classic aura, while patterns like stripes, chevrons, or florals can make a statement.

You could consider colour-coordinating them with other elements of your bathroom for a cohesive look. Aim to rotate them just as you would bed linen, washing frequently to maintain freshness.


Aromatherapy candles can serve a dual purpose. They provide a calming ambience and act as an attractive counter decoration. Select a candle that blends in with your bathroom’s decor and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Ensure that you choose beeswax or soy-based options, as they don’t release harmful substances when burnt.

You can opt for a single, luxurious candle from your favourite brand or a cluster of smaller ones in various heights and sizes to create an interesting visual effect. As chic as candle jars are, remember the fire safety measures before lighting them.

Glass Jars

How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

Store essentials like cotton swabs, bath salts, or makeup sponges in clear glass jars. They offer a neat storage solution and provide a visually pleasing element to your bathroom counter. You could even fill them with bath beads or pearls only for decorative purposes. Opt for jars with cork lids for a rustic look or metallic ones for a modern aesthetic.

Select the size and height correctly. Cluster them on one side of your countertop or evenly distribute them, but ensure it doesn’t cause practicality issues.

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars, with their vintage charm, can be used for storing toiletries and bath essentials. Steeped in vintage charm and elegance, these jars deliver manifold benefits in bathroom decor, storage, and space utilization. One of the great benefits of apothecary jars is their practicality as storage containers.

They provide the perfect solution to store everyday bathroom essentials like cotton swabs, q-tips, or bath salts in an organized manner.

Plants and Greenery

How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

Indoor plants can serve as a miniature sanctuary within the confines of your bathroom. Snake plants, spider plants, or aloe vera are great low-maintenance options. They not only add a burst of fresh green but also help purify the air, which is good for our body’s health and Beneficial for the brain. And the bathroom counter looks natural. Greenery adds freshness and a beauty of colour that can transform a stunning counter.

Soap dispenser

Don’t write off this everyday object as being just another boring bathroom fixture. Select the ideal style, material, and colour, and you’ll quickly see an improvement in the area around your sink. Choose a ceramic one for a cosy, homey appearance or a stainless steel one for a sleek, contemporary appearance. They can enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom.

The Mirror

How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

The entire appearance of your bathroom can be significantly improved by a fashionable mirror. One of the things we use every day is a mirror. Select a mirror that best captures your style, whether it’s a vintage, gold-framed piece or a plain, minimalist design.

Mirrors, whether they are round or rectangular, modern or antique, can change a room unlike any other piece of décor. To create a cohesive look, pick a mirror that goes with the design of your bathroom.

Decorative Bowls

A decorative bowl can be a great place to keep smaller items like hair ties and clips. It brings a bit of sophistication to your counter in addition to fulfilling a functional need. A perfect catchall for keeping small trinkets organized, adding an aesthetic edge has never been easier.

Consider a gold-rimmed porcelain bowl for a vintage chic or a sleek metallic one for a clean, minimalist look. They should be placed in the dryer areas of the counter to prevent damage due to constant water exposure.


Prints, paintings, or even small sculptures can greatly amplify the sophistication of a bathroom. Artwork needn’t be limited to your living room. Apply the artwork in a way that does not damage your wall and place it properly so that the artwork looks beautiful, which can transform your bathroom counter into a wonderful counter.

Light it up

How to Decorate A Bathroom Counter

Proper lighting can accentuate all the elements of your bathroom counter. From small, chic table lamps to overhead fixtures, choose a light source that highlights your counter and complements its overall look. Consider table lamps or strings of fairy lights to create a soothing ambience that elevates your bathroom counter.


The key to organizing a small bathroom counter is to maximize the available space. Utilize trays and baskets to hold small items, and consider using clear glass jars or apothecary jars for a visually pleasing yet practical storage solution.

When selecting flowers, consider the environment of your bathroom. Flowers like orchids and peace lilies thrive well in bathroom conditions. Also, take into account the colour scheme and overall design of your bathroom to ensure the flowers complement the space.

Rotate and wash your hand towels frequently to maintain freshness, similar to your bed linens. The frequency can depend on usage, but a good rule of thumb is at least once a week for hand towels.

Low-maintenance plants like snake plants, spider plants, and aloe vera are great options for a bathroom counter. These plants can thrive in the humid conditions typical of a bathroom and also help purify the air.

Yes, candles are safe on your bathroom counter, provided they’re used responsibly. Ensure they’re away from flammable items, never left unattended, and opt for beeswax or soy-based variants.


In conclusion, decorating a bathroom counter entails more than just aesthetic appeal; it’s about incorporating elements that sing in harmony with functionality and personal style. An organized, well-decorated counter can add value and enhance the serenity of your bathroom space.

From the freshness of flowers to the fundamental need for organization, the decorative yet useful role of trays and baskets, the luxurious feel of well-folded towels, the tranquillity offered by candles, the practicality of glass jars, the vintage charm of apothecary jars,

the sophistication of decorative bowls, the charm of a jewellery box, the understated role of the soap dispenser, the vitality of fresh greenery, the impact of a stylish mirror to the sophistication of artwork, and immense value of apt lighting – each element offers a nice touch to your bathroom counter.

Implementing these tips and ideas will not only help you keep your bathroom counter organized and beautiful but also elevate your entire bathroom experience.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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